Building A Custom Luxury Home

Custom Home Builder Minnesota

You would be surprised how many Custom Home Builders in Minnesota there is.  The problem with building a custom luxury home is when you have the money to build what you want, does that mean you should build it?

Most Custom Home Builders in Minnesota are not going to object to what you want to build no matter how far out in left field it maybe.  I agree that you should build what you want, with in reason.  I know that I want a 15,000 sqft home.  The problem with that is that not everyone wants a that big of a custom home in Minnesota.  The trick here is to make a home what you want, but also that it can be changed later on to be made into the next buyers dream.   I am not saying you should build your dream home, I am just saying when it comes to building a custom home in Minnesota, you should be creative that the home can be your dream and someone else later on.

Also a lot custom home buyers may not think through how a home can built and sold for more.  One custom home that I worked with was 9000 sqft with 6000 of it finished.  You can build indoor sports courts that can be converted at some point later.  You can leave the basement unfinished.  You can also build out over garages and leave it to be finished by the next buyer.

If you don’t think about how your custom home is being built and how it may sell some day then you maybe sitting on 15 year time bomb and I will tell that it is tough to sell some custom luxury homes that were built only for one buyer.   There is no shortage of luxury homes in Minnesota.  People here don’t mind driving into the cities and with that being true when you go to sell your custom home, your going to run into the fact that people have more options to buy or build a custom luxury home in Minnesota than they do in other big cities.